Using the Power of Video to Educate about Legal Issues

How’s your bedside manner? Do people like you? Most people feel I’m too opinionated and don’t across as warm and fuzzy. Videos are clearly not for me. Having said that, there are lots of attorneys out there who can benefit from the use of videos, especially videos that rank well on Google. Every facet of the law has nuances that can become tricky or are relatively unknown by consumers. Use this knowledge to educate. Now, do I think you need to prepare a massive dissertation about a specific topic? No, not at all, as a matter of fact, quite on the contrary. Some of the most effective videos are the ones that are super short. I’m talking about a minute of less. All of the videos should follow a specific sales format. Yes, I just used the “s” word, something the Bar doesn’t really want you to do, but let’s face it, the Bar isn’t exactly a great authority in matters of business development.
Short videos done right can certainly drive leads. Here is a quick synopsis of how a good lawyer video shall be done. I’m going to use a video for an Orlando DUI Attorney, The Ladan Law Firm, P.A., as an example. We can’t show the video here, but the following information will give you plenty of insight on how to do it.

Forget about recording yourself. You’ll worry about lighting, dress, setup, etc. You probably already have powerpoint on your PC. Invest in a screen capture software program. Personally, I really like snagit. At last check, I think it costs around $50.

Build a 5-7 slide power point presentation on a specific subject. Then, after you built it, simply record the powerpoint presentation with snagit and voice it over with your own mic.

Make the first slide a catchy image and place your contact info on that image. Make slide #2 a quick reference slide of your law firm. Make slide #3 the problem slide. Here you want to delve into the viewers problem they may have and what the consequence of the bad outcome could be. In other words, this is the slide where you “get real” about their situation. Slide #4 is the slide where you let them know that you are here to take their troubles away. You want to make it a very warm and fuzzy slide. Here, a photo of you smiling is allowed. Sell the emotion, not the service. Slide number 5 is your third party validation slide. On this slide you’ll push your success story. Here you will promote what you have done for others. Now, I understand you are running close to the edge of allowable content, based on Bar rules, but I’m sure you can figure out how to make it happen. You are a lawyer. Figure it out. Next slide is a synopsis slide. This slide reiterates the problem and the solution. It’s designed as the final hook, to hopefully make someone call you. The final slide is simply your contact information. Name, website, phone number. Solid Call to action. Consider using an incentive, especially if your competitors are.

Videos don’t have to be fancy. For many viewers, fancy equals expensive. You want to provide solid information in a manner easily digestable by the end-user. Get in the habit of making one video per month. Pay a SEO company to promote the video. Have them provide you with monthly rank tracking reports. Any decent SEO company should be able to push your video to the top of google within 4-6 months.

Information Related To Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is not only a dance form but it a very good way to exercise. It is essential to learn this dance form under the guidance of a trained professional in order to get a good result. It will be better to follow the proper sequence as it will be very handy in order to master the work in a short time. Only when a person starts to learn the dance from the basics, it will be easy for him to learn the intricate steps later on without much stress. The first step that will be taught for a student will be the grooves. Once a person masters this, he will be able to combine it with any form very easily. It is necessary to note how the trainer moves through the mirror before which the student is standing and then try to replicate it. When a person follows his move with the help of mirror rhythm and timing of the moves can be got very easily.

Hip Hop_dance

Once the first step is over it will be possible for the student to start practicing some simple choreographed movements. Usually, the teacher will be demonstrating all the steps, and the student has to note them closely and then try to master it. In the hip-hop classes, learning and practicing the moves and grooves is known as the pickup. The more a person starts to practice the perfection will be attained in the step. Next point to be concentrated is making the transitions look flawless. Usually, a step will be done for eight counts, and then the next step hast to be started and this change of step has to be done effortlessly and in simple this is said to be the transition. It is necessary to make sure the person is able to dance properly with and without the music.

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Points To Be Noted While Selecting An Acting School


It will be a very good idea to do any work with proper training as it will be easy for the person to understand and carry out the work easily. This applies to acting also there are numerous acting schools in the market and it is essential to choose the best one among the lot so that a person can excel in this field. Here are some simple steps that will be very handy in order to find the best acting school in the town. First of all, have a look at the reputation of the school make sure there is no negative comment or black mark about the school in the market. Have a look at the success stories of the students who have passed out from the school. It will be a very good idea to get referrals from the people who have experience in this work. Make sure if there are workshops and seminars provided by the familiar guests like actors or directors in the school.


Usually, getting seats from familiar schools will be a tough job as many people will apply for the seat. Do not forget to note the faculties who are working in the schools. Have a look at their expertise and try to make the best use of their experience and knowledge in order to excel in the field. Make sure the student and faculty ratio is reasonable so that the training will be provided to the students in an efficient manner. It is essential to choose the stream in acting it might be film school or theater so be clear in this decision and then try to choose the school. Have a look at their method of training in the school and it will be better to find the school that has more practical classes. Also, make sure the duration of learning is not too long.

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Why People Choose The Acting Field?


Many people in the recent days are interested in acting and taking it up as their profession, but many might not be very clear about the reason they are willing to act. So why do you want to act? It is a worthy question that has to be answered by each and every person who is trying to take up this work as their career. Many people will provide their answer as the fame and name of the successful actors. Anyone will love to be popular and, in fact, this will make a person to do anything in certain cases in order to gain popularity. Acting is not a very easy job it requires a lot of hard work and sincerity in order to become successful. This glamorous field attracts the teenagers towards it but this is not a much-secured profession as an actor can gain fame overnight and also lose it at the same speed.

It is essential to practice and stay focused in order to attain a good place in this field, and it will not be a very easy journey. The learning process in this field is never ending, so a person has to be ready in order to change himself according to the trend in the market and taste of the audience in order to stay popular. Acting is an art that can be mastered only if a person is passionate about it. In order to get continuous work in this field, the person has to struggle a lot in the initial stages until he gets a break. There will be a scope for improvement in this work always so never try to be content with what is available keep on improving. Never miss an opportunity as it will be very rare in this field and also make sure to make the most of it.

Discover Places To Learn Magic


Learning magic will be highly entertaining as it will involve lots of interesting tricks and techniques. It is essential to make sure the classes are taken from the right instructors in order to master this art in an efficient manner. Here are some simple tips that will be very handy in order to find the best place to learn magic. First is the branded online forums and websites that teach good magic step by step. Apart from the theoretical methods, many websites also have video services in them which will make it easy for them to understand the trick in a very short time. Usually, the students will be classified into three types, and they are beginners, master level magicians, and intermediates. Some websites also allow the student to have some interaction with the very famous magicians and clarify the doubts. Also, reviews about the various magic products in the market can be got from all over the world.

Next idea will be to go and visit the local library and find the best books that teach magic. In fact, this is a method that is followed traditionally by many people. In fact, in the books many classic and basic magic will be provided in a detailed manner, and this will make the learner very strong in the basics. There will be numerous secrets and tips provided in the books, and this will be very handy in order to master the technique, and this will be an initialization for self-teaching methods. Apart from this, there are some magic schools that are ready to share their knowledge and create best magicians in the world. In order to become a successful magician, the person has to be passionate about this work and practice well. But before fixing schools make sure it is approved by some magic association and government.

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